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The story of ricardo

Joint Owner

Ricardo was born in 1978 in Constanta, Romania. His family had always had strong links to the hospitality industry.

Inspired by his mum, who was a well-respected head chef in Constanto, Ricardo, keen to follow in his mother steps, decided to leave Romania in the year 2000 and join the world of fine dining on-board the cruise ship Celebrity Millennium. Over the next two years he would travel throughout the Caribbean Islands and work alongside some of the most experienced hospitality teams in the world.

In 2002 Ricardo took his final voyage on the Celebrity Millennium before joining the 5 Star Orient Queen hoping to develop his passion for hospitality even further. He was soon catering for the demands of the diners and celebrities alike. As they sailed around the Mediterranean he became more and more involved with the management of the on-board dining and was soon offered promotion to restaurant manager. His passion for the hospitality industry had reached a new high. For the next five years he became heavily involved in every aspect of the restaurant from food preparation to presentation and table service.

In late 2007 Ricardo accepted a position on-board the cruise ship Topaz which saw him take in more than 150 destinations around the world. With four multi cuisine restaurants on-board, Ricardo was in his element. Over the coming years he gained a high level of respect from his peers and became well known within the hospitality industry.

During his travels Ricardo never forgot his roots or his parents and made regular trips back home. His mum (Stefania) and dad (Corneliu) were proud of what their son had achieved so far. His dad even had a background in the hospitality industry, he used to deliver the fuel to the cruise ships.

Ricardo also had another reason for his regular trips home, the girl next door. He had become very close to Florentina, his mums neighbour, and in 2003 they made their love for each other official. With Ricardo working away on cruise ships it became more and more difficult for him to leave Florentina at home and so she eventually joined him on-board as a waitress.

In 2010 they both decided to leave the life of cruise ships behind and settled down as a family here in the U.K. Florentina already had a son called Alex but as a keen mum she wanted her own football team and set Ricardo to work !! In 2012 Florentina gave birth to her second son Robin and the whole family were filled with happiness.

Ricardo’s passion for hospitality was calling him and Florentina could not keep him away. He began working for some luxury restaurants and hotels in the East Yorkshire area but after many years of working for others he decided it was time for him to establish his own restaurant.

His dream was first realised in 2015 when he opened A’Roma Café on Holderness Road, Hull. After two years and becoming very successful, he sold the business. He wanted to put the skills and knowledge he had developed over the years into a more exciting challenge. 

Finally the family decided to invest everything into a new restaurant and after securing further investment from a local business Robins Steakhouse was born. Steak being a food the family enjoy and Robin after his son.

Our vision

Robins Steakhouse has been opened to offer fine dining with a rustic twist. Quality food, excellent service and the best steak in town drives the restaurants success today. We have created a relaxed atmosphere coupled with 5-star service and an enjoyable place to meet, eat and drink. Even though our main focus is steak and meat, we offer a wide range of meals to suit everyone with vegetarian and gluten free options available. All of our produce is locally sourced and delivered daily to ensure the freshest ingredients and best taste. 

Thank you to all of our customers for making this dream possible and we hope to see you again soon.